Pacific Food Industries uses the freshest ingredients and years of experience to provide high quality Condiments and Asian type sauces.

Based on the highly successful Sinsin company, which has been operating in Singapore since 1954, Pacific Food Industries was established in Australia in 1994.

We presently employ 30 Australian staff at our Yatala (Gold Coast) factory.

Home Grown

We firmly believe in the old saying that 'fresh is the best', and so our procurement team is dedicated to finding the freshest ingredients to create outstanding sauces.

All elements of our products - from ingredients through to bottles and labels - are sourced from Queensland.

Our products contain no MSG, preservatives, artificial colouring, flavourings or dehydrated ingredients.

Quality Assured

Keeping our customers' well-being in mind, we have put in place the HACCP 9000 - 2000 certified quality control system that monitors and maintains the highest standards of food safety and hygiene in our factory.

Showing that customers come first, Pacific Food Industries' factory also offer state-of-the-art technical capabilities - including a fully automated bottling facility, fully automated pouch packing facility and a computerised packaging process that produces up to 250 cartons of food every hour.

These advanced capabilities place us in a competitive position in our technologically innovative industry.

Pacific Food's Yatala factory is capable of high-volume production to meet large orders. But quality if never compromised, with every pack guaranteed to open up an exciting fusion of flavours in every kitchen. Traditional recipes, carefully selected ingredients and authentic herbs and spices go together with our own love of fine food to ensure that Pacific Food products are always fresh, always tasty and always easy to use. For us, taste, quality and freshness is what really counts in the kitchen.

Export Markets

Pacific Food is highly experienced in meeting the demands associated with supplying export markets. The growing range of exported products includes sauces and condiments, with Halal Certification for all products produced in our factory.

Company Future

As food lovers discover new flavours, Pacific Food is at the forefront in ensuring that restaurant-quality meals can be enjoyed at home quickly and easily.

Our commitment to quality has always been the same, but our product range continues to broaden.

Pacific Food has the expertise to combine fresh ideas and fresh ingredients in new and innovative products. Whatever your needs, contact Pacific Food to discuss our development, manufacturing and packaging services.

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